Artbox Thailand started out in 2014 as Asia’s first and largest container market. The concept utilised the street food market and creates a unique shopping and dining destination. In April 2017, Artbox launched its first ever edition in Singapore which garnered over 600,000 visitors in the 6-day event.
As its name suggests, ‘Art’, it has the key initiative of supporting and empowering the community of creative entrepreneurs, and providing a platform for the creatives to create, connect, showcase and grow through art – a Creative Community.
The key differentiation of Artbox is the use of shipping containers, representation of ‘Box’ in Artbox. It shows that creativity can be made out of anything, and we constantly drive ‘thinking out of the box’, and expect creative ways to play with shipping containers at every edition.
Artbox continues to be innovative in its approach in dining, crafts & retail, working with aspiring and established talents around the globe to deliver an unforgettable event. Artbox has shaped into a cultural event, comprising over 300 creative vendors and partners, which will showcase the best that art culture in Southeast Asia and the world has to offer.

Flashbang is Singapore’s First and Largest creative retail playground bringing retail festival to life at night with the neon light installations.
It is a dynamic space that encompasses a well-curated market with food, beauty, fashion, interactive installations and creative workshops, by local makers and creative entrepreneurs.

To be the largest Taiwanese-inspired street market in Singapore with a local fusion.
To empower local, Taiwanese & regional entrepreneurs and makers and provide them a platform to showcase their products