Lost Beasts of The Ice Age


Mammoths of the Ice Age were once the ruling party during its time. Being the strongest and biggest, it ruled over Earth’s surface. Time continues and changes occurred, wiping out almost all life. Looking at what humans are doing to Earth now, it seems as if a similar change is being induced.

Through our exhibition, we hope to convey the message that there is only one Earth; it is time we look at our actions and decide what should and should not be done, before we follow the path of the ice age mammoths.

Creative Concept

Ice Age Mammals is a national travelling exhibition that explores the hot topic of climate change. Discover the last Ice Age: the mammals that survived and those that didn’t.  See skulls and bones of the Ice Age beasts and detailed artwork of what they looked like. Touch a real mammoth tusk! Listen to scientists’ stories as they recount their Arctic adventures and discoveries.

Larger than the elephants of our time, we will be showcasing Ice Age Mammoths with the latest animatronics; this will allow your audience to view these mammoths in action once again.