Lantern Festival

What is a Lantern Festival?

It is one of China’s largest and most influential folk activities, also called “Hua Deng”, with many different groups of lanterns put together in one place to form a huge display. Recently, the“Lantern festival” has become a key service as government authorities and corporations turn to more creative solutions to communicate with the public or potential clients.

What Makes a Lantern Festival Special?

A Lantern Festival is a combination of enjoyment and knowledge, as well as the participation of the people. As it has a long history and tradition in China for hundreds of years, it has become a popular folk culture activity. Even more, it is a miracle of Chinese folk culture. An amazing aspect is that the lanterns are all hand-made. To add excitement to our product, we finish off the pieces of art with modern technology. This makes LFC traditional lantern festivals different. Thus, it can be described as a big gathering of Chinese traditional art with a modern twist.

Creative Concept

Traditionally, lanterns have been made of bamboo and paper. They can take on almost any shape, and range in size from tiny replicas to larger than life. Over the last two millennia, technological advances have made the celebration more complex and visually stimulating with more business activities. Indeed, we have brought the festival to many places (Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, Poland, and etc). We often sport unique displays of light that leave viewers in awe.
Our master craftsman will construct multicolored silk lanterns in the likeness of butterflies, dragons, birds, dragonflies, and many other animals; these accentuate the more common red, spherical lanterns. Brilliantly-lit floats and mechanically-driven light displays draw the attention of the young and old alike. Sometimes, entire streets are blocked off, with lanterns mounted above and to the sides, creating a hallway of lamps.