Creative Concept

Both dinosaurs and dragons, throughout history, have had a deep impact on cultures around the world. They’ve shaped how a lot of our cultures think. They’ve been widely portrayed in many forms of literature and entertainment.
To bring these back to the present time, we have created this show “Dinos and Dragons”. It has showcased in three themed areas, Medieval, Asian and paleontology.
Visitors will begin exploring the cultural connections between people and dragons at the exhibit’s first area. There will be both hands-on activities such as dissection and more. Activities for children will include putting on a puppet show in front of a castle backdrop, digging for realistic-looking dinosaur bones and fossils, a dragon texture rubbing project and more.

“What we want people to walk away with is that science is a continuous quest for the truth.”
Andre Copeland,
The zoo’s interpretive programs manager

Mcallen City