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About Us
LanternFest CreativeImmersive Experience

At LFC, we work with many types of organizations such as botanical gardens, arboreta, zoos, nature centers, parks, museums, theme parks, shopping centers, visitor centers and downtown associations.

One of the truly amazing features of LFC is that no two exhibits are exactly alike! Based around a “center piece,” we can make your exhibit any size with any combination of elements that you like. If you have an idea, we can create it!

Each piece is hand-painted on silk and attached to welded steel frames. We also use recycled materials in our creations. To create a more immersive exhibit, we use LED lights, state-of-the-art sequencing and DMX technology. Additionally, we choregraph the exhibit to music. We can also provide electricity using ultra quiet generators for the lighting, music, and animation.

Our staff will work very closely with you to create a high-quality exhibit that will excite your staff, trustees, guests that is sure to bring additional business to your organization and city.


Rapid changes in technology are shaping the way people live, work and play. This shifting landscape makes it essential for exhibits to develop an effective and integrated marketing strategy that aligns a single prospective which the brand promises, across all platforms, modes and channels. We provide innovative, result-driven solutions which generate compelling movements, and helps to develop long-lasting relationships, using immersive technology to connect with the right audiences.


Our strength comes from the diversity of some 150 inspired professionals, in nearly 6 major cities worldwide and the depth of our understanding of different cultures and industry practices. Backed by some 20,000 sq. m of production facilities, we are passionate about achieving our clients' missions.


The talents of LFC group comes from across 4 continents, and from 6 different countries. This gives us a broad understanding of the cultural diversity and industry practices, which differs across countries. This gives us an edge, as we are adaptable to different culture and practices.


The totally immersive experience that we showcase through our creative exhibits and response-driven approach results in us delivering creative works to our clients. Our exhibits are uniquely designed, to cater to each clients' needs. We strive to design exhibits that creates an immersive experience to your audiences, igniting the right emotions, response and delivering the messages. Across all environments, LFC activates touch points with designed live and digital interactions to engage and develop relationships with the target audiences.


With 15 years of experience, LFC has developed a vast know-how and sufficient knowledge to develop exhibits that will capture your target audiences through an immersive experience.


Best service is no service. We take maintenance seriously in our consideration right from the beginning, at our planning and design stage. We have a local team that will be available 24 hours a day, to be at your service.

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Our Process
in 6-Step
  • 1

    Research Field Work
  • 2

    Concept Development, Planning and Design
  • 3

    Build 70-80% in Factory
  • 4

    Operation: Construction and Installation
  • 5

    Maintenance: Operation
  • 6

Our Creations
2017 | Singapore | Gardens By The Bay | Mid-Autumn Festival

2017 | Singapore | Gardens By The Bay | Mid-Autumn Festival

A much-anticipated event in the Gardens’ calendar, Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay draws visitors with its large-scale lantern displays and myriad festivities amidst a lush garden setting.
This year, the Gardens celebrates autumn abundance with lantern sets symbolic of bountiful harvests and good fortune.

2017 | USA | Chicago | Brookfield Zoo | Dinos & Dragons

2017 | USA | Chicago | Brookfield Zoo | Dinos & Dragons

Dinosaurs are roaring back to life at Brookfield Zoo! They’re bigger and better than ever and they’ve brought some of their mythical dragon friends. The zoo’s new Dinos & Dragons will feature 25 animatronic creatures, including the Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, and Chinese dragon


2013 | Malaysia

2013 | Malaysia

2011 | Malaysia | Malacca | Jurassic World

2011 | Malaysia | Malacca | Jurassic World

2011 | Korea | Seoul | New Year

2011 | Korea | Seoul | New Year

2010 | USA | Louisville | Kentucky

2010 | USA | Louisville | Kentucky

2010-2011 | Japan | Tokyo | Christmas

2010-2011 | Japan | Tokyo | Christmas

2011 | Poland | Warsaw

2011 | Poland | Warsaw

China Before

China Before

Singapore, Malaysia and Japan

Singapore, Malaysia and Japan

Collection of past project since 2007 to 2013


Our Products

Lantern Festival. Seasonal Lighting, Animatronics. Blown Glass. Acrobats are our 5 main products.

Our core businesses include concept to design with planning management
and thorough production and installation, to maintenance and dismantling,
disposal and logistics support, for gardens, museums, theme parks,
shopping centers and visitor centers on a turn key basis.


The lantern festival is one of China’s largest and most influential folk activities. In ancient China it used to celebrate on the 15th day of the lunar year. Today people use this to celebrate family reunion and joy. Recently, the “Lantern Festival” has become a key service as governments and corporations turn to more creative solutions to communicate with the public or potential clients. It is a combination of See, Feel, Edu-taining and Experience cultural show.


Art by Day, Magic by Night – we bring this concept to the real world. We see lots of Christmas light manufacturers using LEDs. The colors seem very dull and uninspiring. Even white lights, which were typically single-chip LEDs, glow with a faintly yellowish color, which makes them look cheap and unattractive. During the day, it looks pale and colorless. We highly diverse the LED technology used in Christmas lighting displays, ranging from simple light strands, Christmas fairy lights, through to full blown animated tableaux, involving complex illuminated animatronics and statues.


We are taking advantages of our experience and creativity to develop all kinds of animatronics shows. Our animatronics creations include animals, plants and even mythical creatures. Our animatronics systems can be implemented using both computer control and human control, including teleoperation to make the objects even more realistic and lifelike. These kinds of shows are suitable for theme parks, gardens, shopping centers, visitor centers, etc.


We extent our wings to environmental lightings using modern technology and environmental friendly concept as we see the potential part in an event which enhance the entire show spiritually with immersive experience. Is always a new and innovative element emitting full light up atmosphere of environment especially in the evening.


Stage performance is essential part of an event that cannot be miss out. We have acquire acrobat school with well-trained acrobat performance that travel along with LFC event round the world. This is element will provide visitors a complete entertainment event together.


Authentic life-sized objects are created with detailed accuracy to create themed shows in archaeological and paleontological contexts. Background sets can also be created for museums and historical sites.


LFC artists create colorful hand-blown pieces that are combined to create beautiful installations throughout your site. These sculptures work exceptionally well in natural settings such as botanical gardens, arboreta and parks and are designed to complement conservatories, flowerbeds, ponds and other features.


Located in Niigata Prefecture on the island of Honshu, Rice straw sculpture festival in Japan attracts a lot of tourists in September. In Japanese, “Wara” means rice straw, accordingly, the festival Wara means Rice straw sculptures festival. The Japanese craftsmen came up with all their fantasy in creating giant sculptures from a dinosaur to a scorpion. In addition to animals, masters skillfully build straw equipment and buildings.